The perfect helper: The eContainer-Transporter

The eContainer-Transporter brings the loads to the e-pallet forklift.  It moves loads of up to seven tons. It is not only restricted to all types of LD and MD container pallets in standard sizes of up to 96 x 125 inches (approx. 2.35 x 3.06 metres), but is also ideally suited to moving special cargo loads of up to 5.64 metres.

Best of all, it is powered purely by electricity, which means that loads are transported to the e-pallet lift truck far more quietly and without emissions. The two vehicles are part of the aircraft loading process chain.

Technical data

  • Drive: 2 12 kW, 80 V asynchronous motors
  • Hydraulic unit: 80 V 7.5 kW three-phase motor with flange-mounted tandem pump
  • Battery: 2 80 V / 465 Ah traction batteries
  • Condenser: 2 Maxwell 500F condensers (optional)
  • Electrical system: 24 V
  • Net weight: 9,600 kg (incl. batteries)
  • Gross vehicle weight: 16,600 kg
  • Speed: 25 km/h
  • Dimensions: 5.9 x 4.07 (incl. fender) x 2.15
    (excl. working light) (L/W/H)

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