Electricity keeps things moving: The federal state of Hesse is the initiator of E-PORT and promotes electromobility at federal state level. By the end of 2013, the federal state government alone will have a fleet of around 70 electrical vehicles. In total, around 600 electrically-powered vehicles were in use in Hesse up to 1 January 2013.

The federal state government is not restricting itself to merely setting an example, but is constantly identifying other ways it can get involved, bringing together partners with whom it can design and implement projects for the electrification of vehicles or entire fleets.

In the case of E-PORT AN, the federal state government is coordinating the interaction of its project partners in PR activities and defining milestones with them, and is making progress transparent to the public. To this end it operates a targeted civic information policy that uses all communication channels from Internet to events. Such events take place both on site at the airport, as well as within the framework of events elsewhere in the state, such as “Hesse Day”.

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Electricity keeps things moving
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