Press Release, Frankfurt, 16. Februar

E-PORT AN initiative: Fraport and Lufthansa Group receive “Eco-company Partnership of the Year” award

U.S. aviation magazine Air Transport World acknowledges pioneering role and commitment to promoting greater use of electric vehicles on the ground

At the Frankfurt Airport global hub, airport operator Fraport and the Lufthansa Group are working hand-in-hand on the initiative E-PORT AN, aimed at introducing more electric vehicles into the aircraft handling process, thus reducing the environmental impact of airport operations. The renowned U.S. aviation industry magazine Air Transport World (ATW) has acknowledged this commitment with the “Eco-company Partnership of the Year” award, which was conferred on February 15, 2016 at the 42nd Annual Airline Industry Achievement Awards in Singapore.
“Lufthansa Group and Fraport demonstrate how working together can be a win, win for both companies as well as for the environment. I sincerely congratulate them for this initiative and their achievements,” says ATW’s Editor-in-Chief Karen Walker.

Alongside Fraport and the Lufthansa Group, the State of Hesse and the Rhine-Main Model Electro-mobility Region are also involved in E-PORT AN. Thus, the award can be seen as an acknowledgement of the efforts of all partners involved in the initiative.

Aircraft handling involves up to 20 different vehicles. The step-by-step replacement of individual handling processes by electrically-driven technologies does not just reduce the carbon footprint, but also leads to improved working conditions on the ground. There are currently three hybrid aircraft tugs – known as TaxiBots – at Lufthansa LEOS, the Group’s ground support company. Moreover, Lufthansa LEOS is carrying out certification tests on an eSchlepper (eTug), which is the first vehicle in the world able to manoeuvre aircraft up to the size of an Airbus A380 entirely under electrical power.

Electric vehicles are especially suited for use at airports, where the majority of journeys are short. Around 10% of Fraport AG’s 3,000+ motorized vehicles are electrically-powered. This includes vehicles used in aircraft handling such as conveyor belt vehicles, pallet loaders and small baggage tractors. Moreover, electric cars and minibuses are not just used by ground crew – they also find use in employees’ carpools.
To raise public awareness of electric vehicles in the eyes of passengers, the partners of the E-PORT AN initiative opened the world’s first “Green Gate” at Lufthansa Gate A15 at Frankfurt Airport on October 12, 2015. Here, travelers can see by way of models, information boards and animations, how electric vehicles can help to make aircraft handling more environmentally efficient.

E-PORT AN is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure via the Rhine-Main Model Electro-mobility Region. The model electro-mobility regions are nationally coordinated by the NOW GmbH National Organisation for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology. The regional coordination lies at the project management centre of the Rhine-Main model region, which in turn is located at the Stadtwerke Offenbach Holding GmbH. Through the integration of E-PORT AN in the “Strom bewegt” (“Power moves”) initiative by the state of Hessen, the visibility of the project of the airport environment and beyond is ensured.
In 2013, the German federal government awarded E-PORT AN as a lighthouse electro-mobility project and supported the plans with a total of €8.1 million. In 2014, the project received the prestigious GreenTec Award in the aviation category. More information and images can be found at: www.e-port-on.com.

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Press release - Frankfurt, 12 October 2015

Low emission ground services: „Green Gate“ at Frankfurt Airport opened

From „Airport to E-PORT“: The E-PORT AN initiative partners are driving electric mobility on the apron forward and making projects visible to passengers

The E-PORT AN initiative partners; Fraport AG, Lufthansa Group, the State of Hesse and the Rhine-Main model electro-mobility region, opened the first "Green Gate" at Frankfurt Airport today. At Lufthansa Gate A15 passengers can now inform themselves about the numerous electric mobility projects at Germany´s largest airport. As an important project component, the "Green Gate" presents aircraft ground services which in the future can be largely carried out with electric vehicles. The partners present their activities using models, information panels and animations, including solar-powered passenger airstairs, electric conveyor belt vehicles, hybrid aircraft tugs and electric pallet trucks.

Up to 20 different vehicles are used to service an aircraft. As a first step E-PORT AN is consolidating existing electric vehicles and integrating new electrically driven developments into the aircraft servicing process. Emissions and noise will thus be reduced, improving both the environmental footprint and working conditions on the apron. In addition, the effect of large-scale use of electric vehicles on the airport´s power grid is being considered. The aim of all E-PORT AN participants is to deploy more electric vehicles and thus come closer to the vision of a "green" aircraft ground servicing.

Quotes from the participants

Norbert Barthle, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure:
"The use of electric vehicles in aircraft servicing and rolling and towing traffic can substantially reduce noise and emissions at airports. This protects the environment and the staff on the ground. As part of the Rhine-Main model electro-mobility region, the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure is funding the E-PORT AN project with a total of eight million euros. I am delighted that from today passengers on the spot can inform themselves about this `Green ground service´. Simultaneously incentives for imitation are created, because the added value of electro-mobile aircraft servicing for the future is obvious."

Tarek Al-Wazir, Hessian Minister of Economics, Energy, Transport and Regional Development (HMWEVL):
"As a transit state in the middle of Germany and Europe, Hesse is highly dependent on mobility and this mobility must be sustainable. Therefore, we welcome and support the commitment of the Frankfurt Airport to reduce the noise and pollutant emissions in air traffic. E-PORT AN is a pioneering project that deserves to be made visible. Practical concepts for the sustainable mobility of tomorrow are essential for Hesse as a business hub."

Dr. Stefan Schulte, CEO of Fraport AG:
"In addition to the energy optimisation of the terminal, the use of electric vehicles at the airport is an essential starting point for us to reduce CO2 emissions. Electrically powered vehicles are principally ideal for use at airports with, as here is the case, short-haul traffic. This is especially true for special vehicles for aircraft servicing, such as towing vehicles, ground support equipment or pallet trucks. We want the proportion of special electric vehicles used here on-site to further increase."

Klaus Froese, Board Member, Operations & Hub Frankfurt, Lufthansa German Airlines:
"We are pleased to present our electric mobility projects at the ‘Green Gate’. Thus our passengers can enjoy not only the usual Lufthansa quality on their flight, but beyond that also experience a green ground service. In addition to our investment in particularly efficient and low-noise aircraft, we are also engaged in innovation on the ground. With the TaxiBot, for example, we have a worldwide unique aircraft tug with hybrid drive, which can be controlled on its way to the runway by the pilot himself. Since he pulls the plane without running engines to the takeoff runway, our ground processes will be not only quieter, but we also save fuel and protect the environment."


E-PORT AN is funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure via the Rhine-Main model electro-mobility region. The model electro-mobility regions are nationally coordinated by the NOW GmbH National Organisation for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology. The regional co-ordination lies at the project management centre of the Rhine-Main model region, which in turn is located at the Stadtwerke Offenbach Holding GmbH. Through the integration of E-PORT AN in the state "Strom bewegt" (“Power moves”) initiative the visibility of the project of the airport environment and beyond is ensured.

The German Federal Government awarded E-PORT ON the title of "lighthouse electromobility project” (Leuchtturmprojekt) in 2013 and is supporting the project with funding totalling 8.1 million euros. In 2014, the initiative won the renowned GreenTec Award in the Aviation category and in 2015, it was listed as one of the ATAG 100 Aviation Climate Solutions. For more information and images, please visit: www.e-port-on.com

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"E-PORT AN" wins prestigious Green Tec Award

E-PORT AN – a joint project between the partners Rhine-Main Electromobility Model Region, the Federal State of Hesse, Fraport AG and Lufthansa Group – is an award-winner!

As part of an advance award ceremony in April, the E-PORT AN project was presented in Munich with the prestigious GreenTec Award in the Aviation category. The official gala has now taken place to honour all award winners.

The name E-PORT AN covers a number of individual, innovative technology projects at Frankfurt Airport. E-PORT AN is of international significance because, with these projects, electromobility in the areas of cargo, handling, taxiing, towing and passenger transportation at an international airport is being tested for the first time in Europe. Frankfurt am Main Airport is Germany’s biggest commercial airport and also one of the world’s most important airline hubs. With an average of 1,300-plus take-offs and landings per day, in addition to the emissions produced by air travel itself, activities on the ground also make a major contribution to air pollution, greenhouse gases and noise. This is where the E-PORT AN project kicks in. Its aim is to permanently reduce ground emissions associated with aircraft handling, by means of electromobility. To this end, various technologies and processes are being developed, tested on the ground, and overseen by scientists.
The GreenTec Award was presented this year for the seventh time, and is seen as Europe’s biggest environmental and economic award. The award in the Aviation category was presented during an advance award ceremony. This year a total of around 200 projects entered for the awards which are presented in nine categories. 15 percent of the entries were international coming, for example, from other European countries, the USA and Asia. The GreenTec jury is made up of over 60 representatives from the worlds of business and society. Furthermore, in 2014 around 100,000 people voted online for the winners in the respective categories.  
More about the GreenTec Award

The E-PORT AN project receives grant funding from the Federal Ministry for Transport and Digital Infrastructure as part of the Rhine-Main Electromobility Model Region, and already received the Federal government’s “lighthouse electromobility project” award last year.

Overview of the individual E-PORT AN projects
The Airport eMove project – e-vehicle aircraft taxiing and towing foresees the testing of three technology approaches, the first being the eTug (eSchlepper) sub-project. This involves a hybrid electrically-powered aircraft tug without a towbar. The eTug is the world’s first purely electrically-powered tug that is able to pull aircraft with an MTOW of up to 570 tons. The lithium polymer batteries are charged externally via the electrical grid whereby a small, auxiliary diesel engine (range extender) can recharge the batteries during operation, if required. The second element of eMove is the eTaxi. This sub-project is examining the use and technical integration of an electric engine for the main gear of short and medium-range aircraft for all taxiing manoeuvres on the apron. The system’s purely electrical power is generated and stored by the aircraft’s auxiliary power unit (APU). The system can be used at any airport, independent of the given infrastructure. For the third element, TaxiBot, after pushback from the gate, the pilot takes over control of steering the tug from the driver until he reaches the runway, by means of the Pilot Control Mode (PCM). After the jet engines are started up at the uncoupling point, the pilot hands control back to the tug driver. An 800 PS diesel-electric-powered aircraft tug with a special pick-up for the aircraft’s nose wheel was developed specifically for this project.

The objective of “eLift” is to develop the electrically-powered catering lift truck of the future. Overseen by LSG Sky Chefs, “eLift” is a collaboration between the companies Doll Fahrzeugbau and Euro Engineering, and the Berlin University of Applied Sciences. The project explores and implements various concepts for electrifying individual components of the lift truck such as the lifting mechanism and the engine. The new vehicle is based on an e-truck. With corresponding electrical engines, the body should fulfil the same functions as existing lift trucks.

The “E-Fleet operated by Fraport” project is exploring various avenues including the use of pallet forklift trucks powered by electric batteries, and a solar-powered airstairs for aircraft handling. One area on which research and development focuses is on establishing the energy requirement for day-to-day operation, and optimising the dimensions of the vehicles’ batteries. Furthermore, combined charging systems for e-minibus transports are being trialled. Apart from suitability for the transport of ground handling crew, other potential areas of use – such as airport security or for car pools – are also to be tested.

Green carpet – GreenTec Award Gala
Mr. Bernhard Weiß, project engineer, TaxiBot (Lufthansa LEOS)
Ms. Janine Mielzarek, deputy director, Rhine-Main Model Region
Mr. Markus Pauly, Director Commercial (Lufthansa)
Ms. Jutta Ziemen-Graves, Manager Sustainability (Lufthansa)
Ms. Anja Georgi, director, Rhine-Main Model Region
Mr. August Wilhelm Henningsen, Chairman of the Executive Board (Lufthansa Technik)
Mr. Alexander Laukenmann, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development, Sustainability & Environment Management (Fraport AG)
Mr. Andreas Eibensteiner, Coordinator Alternative Power Transmission Solutions (Fraport AG)

"E-PORT AN" at the International Automobile Show IAA 2013 in Frankfurt

"E-PORT AN" auf der Internationalen Automobilausstellung IAA 2013 in Frankfurt

"E-PORT AN" at the International Automobile Show IAA 2013 in Frankfurt

Visit our large booth in Hall 3 at the IAA.

From 12–22 September 2013 you can learn live about electromobility at Frankfurt Airport. Visit us in Hall 3. On a floor space of 400 square metres you will find out how electromobility makes even flying at Frankfurt Airport more environmentally friendly.  After all, thousands of vehicles move around the airport to ensure that passengers can safely take off on time.

E-Port an auf dem Hessentag 2013


E-Port an at the Hessentag 2013

E-Port an" showcased itself at the Hessentag 2013 in Kassel together with numerous partners in electromobility. 
Along the “climate mile” various initiatives and companies addressed the subject of “Climate, Energy and Sustainability”. The Sustainable Mobility Salon served as a platform to let visitors learn about innovative and sustainable products around mobility. The wooden houses used for this purpose were then given away to different facilities by the Ministers of State, Axel Wintermeyer and Eva Kühne-Hörmann, and Mayor Bertram Hilgen.

More than 1.8 million people visiting the Hessentag under blue skies were able to learn about electromobility throughout the state of Hesse and, in particular, at Frankfurt Airport. Visitors had plenty of fun and enthusiastically took up the many offers – such as testing a Segway for free, giving an electric car a test drive, or taking part in a raffle with great prizes.

Bundesregierung zeichnet Projekte zur Elektromobilität mit Prädikat "Leuchtturm" aus.


Federal government awards “lighthouse” accolade to electromobility projects.

Wiesbaden/Frankfurt 10.06.2013 – On that day the head of the Hessian State Chancellery, Minister of State Axel Wintermeyer together with Peter Schmitz, Executive Board Operations of Fraport and Kay Kratky, member of the Lufthansa Board, accepted  the Federal government’s “Lighthouse” (“Leuchturm”) accolade for the "E-PORT AN" electromobility project at the airport. “We are very happy about the acknowledgement we have received from the Federal Government, which recognises the commitment at Frankfurt Airport to greater sustainability and lower emissions,”  Wintermeyer said.

At Frankfurt Airport, the system partners Fraport and Lufthansa Group are leaders in Germany when it comes to electromobility, readying themselves sooner than others for future challenges.

Minister of State Wintermeyer: "Frankfurt Airport and its system partners are rising to the challenges of the future – greater sustainability and lower CO2 emissions through electromobility"

"We are promoting electromobility technologies on the road and on rails, in the air and on water. By using electric vehicles for aircraft handling and taxiing traffic, noise and exhaust gases can be significantly reduced throughout the airport. Within the electromobility Rhine-Main model region we are therefore supporting three projects at Frankfurt Airport that demonstrate a high degree of innovation and should be emulated. The “Lighthouse” attribute will further raise the profile of this unique technological project– also internationally. With ‘E-PORT AN’, Frankfurt Airport is impressively demonstrating what is already possible for “green handling,” says Rainer Bomba, State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development (BMVBS), on the occasion of the awarding of the “Lighthouse” accolade.
 In the future, all activities leading to more electromobility at the airport will be integrated under the umbrella “E-PORT AN”. The partners of  “E-Port an” include the State of Hesse, Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Fraport AG and the model region Rhine-Main.
“With this award from the Federal Government, commitment to electrically-powered engines at Frankfurt Airport is entering a new phase. Many kilometres are covered daily not just in the air but also on the ground to ensure smooth traffic operations. The greater the share of electromobility, the lighter the burden on the individual and the environment,” Wintermeyer pointed out.